Racetech Steel Latest News

Pro-Tools USA Tube and Pipe Benders and Accessories

 We have new Pro Tools tube and pipe benders as well as a comprehensive range of dies and accessories available in stock now. Browse here.

Handy Paint Markers

Mark on almost any surface, lasts for ever. Ideal for marking out on steel tube/ sheet as well as inside engines for timing marks etc.

New products on the shelf

Pipe Master tube profiling gauges available in imperial tube sizes.

Get inspired people, our latest shipment of 4x4 Roll Cage Tubing is almost here. you could be building one of these bad boys!

Racetech Steel now offers TIG welding wire!!!

We have put into stock, ER 70S-2 TIG welding wire/ filler rod. According to the experts the ER 70S-2 rod is the best filler rod to use with your 4130 Chromoly tube and sheet.

So now you can purchase your welding wire along with your tube in a range of quantities for the small hobbyist to the large manufacture and any thing in between. find it in the Fabrication tools and equipment page on this site.

World Record!!!!

Yes that's right one of our customers, Paul McKinnon of Evolution Motorsport has created the worlds fastest couch and coffee table using Racetech Steels premium 350 grade Mild steel.

This wild machine recently featured in the news, and now holds a Guinness World Record of 163kph.

Congratulations guys, Keep up the crazy projects!!!

Catch it on youtube