Racetech Steel is the official naming rights sponsor and supplier of roll bar tubing for W.E Rock Australia.

"We are thrilled to be giving back to the 4x4 community with our support of W.E Rock Australia. It's a great time to be a 4x4 enthusiast with events like W.E Rock coming back into the mix."

Series: W.E Rock Australia

Racetech Steel Top Doorslammer

Series: Aussie Slamfest Pro Modified

Racetech Steel Supplied all the 4130 chromoly that Peter used to fabricate his own chassis and roll cage. including the plate to make all brackets and attachments.

For more details see peterblake.rmwpublishing.net or Peter Blake on Facebook.

Racetech Steel Offroad 4x4

Series: Tuff Truck Challenge

Racetech Steel will supply tube to make the exo-cage for Team Cape Crew. The Racetech team will also help fabricate the frame at the Fast Torque Performance Engineering's workshop.

For more details see capecrew.rmwpublishing.net.au or Cape Crew on Facebook.

Polaris Racing

Series: Australian Rally Championship

Racetech supplied the tubing for Polaris Racing's Roll Cage fabricated by Flamin Fabrications. The team are going from strength to strength, and getting some great results.

For more details see Polaris Racing on Facebook.

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